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60*50 Non-woven Planting Bag Home Gardening Vegetable Grow Bags trees Flower Pot

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Type: Pots,Grow Bags
Style: Pastoral
Brand Name: Pocketgarden
Usage Condition: Floor
Used With: Flower/Green Plant
Model Number: 40-30
Material: Non-woven fabric
Finishing: Non-woven fabric

1 Special PP material, can be caused by natural rooting effect, transplantationwith high efficiency. After planting the root outward, contact with this unique material after can penetrate through the bag surface, and by girdling, root not so that the bag outside long rough, and promote the formation of numerous fine rootbag, is the natural effect of root pruning.

2 plants in the fields like for like rapid growth, is the root of other container cultivation method are less than the plant can still expand outward, not the formation of packing, and fine root moisture and nutrients can be built from a bagoutside the normal absorption, again by woody roots Center Departmenttransported upwards, with the same effect of planting in field, is the other vesselcultivation as.

3 the infiltration of water freely, without water. Control special materials of rootbag, can make water and nutrient nutrient free infiltration, there will be no wateraccumulation in the bag cause root rot phenomenon.

4 transplantation of low cost, transplanting season long. Because do not needskilled workers cleared transplantation, ordinary workers can transplant,transplant easy low cost, because the soil ball than the traditional tree plantingsoil ball is reduced by about 25%, so the transportation cost can be reduced a lot, after harvest, the planting bag can be used as a packing container soil ball,ball of earth to maintain integrity, survival rate is high, no additional packaging to reduce costs.

5 carbohydrate accumulation in the bag, rapid recovery growth after transplantation.

The root has been ringing, the carbohydrate blade manufacturing from the phloem transport to the roots, but can't send the bag outside, carbohydrate feednutrients accumulated in root formation in the bag, tumor like structures, but after transplantation, can quickly restore growth, survival rate and a substantial increase in quality.

Three. Why should adhere to the promotion of the plant \ bag?

This special material Austria after 10 years of study at Oklahoma State Universityto develop than ordinary weaving, with its power \ effect other material can not match, this product in Australia have millions of pieces by farmers to use, in Taiwan there are nearly one hundred thousand pieces by farmers. The evidenceit is really can reach the root control efficiency and growth in container.

Four. The plant has the advantages that the bag:

The 1 root is not easy to be around long growth: due to special reinforced polypropylene material wall can let part of root penetration, and then restricted root long thick fibrous root development, make good, no packing phenomenon,and field planting is.

2 soil ball is small and not easy to loose: the system for the preservation of large amount of fibrous roots in the bag, so soil ball with than the traditional way of small, and in the soil ball is not easy to loose and transplantation, especially insandy soil the trees more significant.

3 fast and easy transplantation and transplantation season significantly extended: long with this planting bag for planting trees, roots do not grow downlong, but only a handful of reinforced polypropylene material through the lateralside of lateral roots need to transplant root, only simple tools cut off a few lateral roots can be transplanted trees. Because of above 80% roots were kept in thebag planting quantity without being hurt, basically all the year roundtransplantation.

4 can reduce the number of cost:

Cultivation cost comparison and container cultivation, low cost, without the use ofexpensive soil pot cultivation and irrigation equipment and labor.

Packaging costs -- tsetse receipt after, the United States planting bag can be used as packing container soil ball, no additional packaging to reduce costs, the need to pay attention to be planted in the project, first remove the planting bag.

Handling cost -- with complete root system and nutrient accumulation in the bag,soil ball can be reduced by about 25% compared with the traditional tree plantingsoil ball, or say the same soil ball size can grow large specification of trees, then this bag of new products increased by four hand ring so handling costs can be reduced a lot.

The cost of migration -- and don't need skilled workers cleared transplantation,ordinary workers can be transplanted.

Higher survival rate and maintenance cost can be saved -- after transplantation,the future maintenance costs.

The above list display, this bag is the traditional field planting or containers(plastic or wooden basin) planting of lower cost, higher efficiency. And avoidmining ceramic soil, Protect environment and soil and water conservation of energy, pottery, in line with energy saving and carbon reduction policy; the volume is small, light weight, corrosion resistance, no mildew, is conducive to theoperation of storage and transportation marketing.

5 survival rate and a substantial increase in quality

According to a recent study USA Michigan State University showed, in the traditional field planting trees at the time of transplantation, to 98% root byresection, and the bag more than 80% roots with this beautiful plant bag oftransplantation, and can in the roots accumulated storage carbohydrates(nutrients) in the new root development after transplantation and rapid growth,and reduce management transplantation to engineering location cost, thereforebefore transplantation without a tree pruning, enhance the quality of.

The 6 operation is convenient and fast

According to the growth status of seedlings, adjust the spacing at any time,convenient plastic pruning; transplanted directly planted without moving the flowerpot, environmental protection and convenient, save time and labor costpackaging lifter, greatly reduce the transport cost of transplantation.

Shown by the above advantages, the use of the plant is already a trend bagseedling production is currently the most advanced, it has great benefit toproducers will, in addition also has many other uses, such as gardening sample house plant recovery etc..


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